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FJORD North America is the first address for fast and elegant power boats for America, Canada and Mexico North and South America. For two decades we have been importing these iconic motorboats from Germany. This is where German engineering meets American waters. The powerful FJORD power boats from 38 foot 40 foot, 44 foot to 52 foot are available in 3 different versions;
The FJORD open is the puristic model for extraordinary boating fun and trend-setting lifestyle. It is our unbeaten top seller. The FJORD masters speeds of over 40 knots without any problems. 
The FJORD coupé complements the stylish, puristic open layout of the power yacht brand FJORD. The luxurious and streamlined deckhouse features a new ARC saloon that offers unique versatility with its multifunctional structure of real glass, stainless steel and high-quality composite. 
The FJORD xpress impresses with the highest exclusivity and successful interplay of luxury, driving dynamics and avant-garde appearance. Specially designed for use with outboard engines, she is the ideal FJORD for shallow waters. 
Before you buy a new power boat in America, let us send you the latest brochures for the new FJORD power boats. Or arrange an individual powerboat trip in North America, Canada or Mexico on your favorite FJORD yacht. FJORD power boats. Intense life. Expressively staged.
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Every FJORD motor yacht we sell in North America embodies the best of three worlds. Scandinavian purism provides a strong look. Mediterranean savoir-vivre inspires the numerous luxurious features. German engineering provides outstanding driving dynamics, maximum safety, reliability, and impeccable build quality. This is the unique DNA that has made the FJORD the original of an extravagant powerboat. You want to buy a FJORD motor yacht? Then call now to start the coming season with FJORD Motorboat power. Custom motor boats that fit your unique need look personality attitude taste lifestyle.

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Current powerboat offers for the North American market

Whether technical innovations for motor yachts, special offers or limited editions for the US market. FJORD North America offers its customers an exclusive service and best support. Sign up now for our newsletter and don’t miss any news from FJORD Power boats.


The MyFJORD Safety Cloud App
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The new FJORD 41XL

Unlimited levels of customization
open up completely new possibilities
when designing your dream yacht.

Customize your FJORD

With the newly developed 3D configurator,
simply select the FJORD Power yacht
you want and customize it to your needs.
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FJORD 41XL Virtual Tour anytime, anywhere in America

Start your personal tour on your favorite FJORD from the comfort of your home, whether in the USA, Canada or Mexico. With our new 360-degree panoramic views you can discover the FJORD in every detail before you buy the power yacht. Take all the time you need and discover every detail in a fascinating way. Enjoy the fascinating power boat from 38 foot power boat, 40 foot power boat, 44 foot power boat and 52 foot power boot. 

DISCOVER OUR BOATS especially for the American market

The multimedia world of FJORD Power boats north america. discover your dream yacht in all its facets. Be inspired by atmospheric photos or videos of the FJORD motor boot and learn everything about the motor boot of your choice in authentic 360-degree panoramas and guided tours with detailed explanations. Get on board whenever you want and wherever you are. Or simply call FJORD Nord America to buy a new motor boat. Custom motor boats that fit your unique need.
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